Intro to Character Design

Intro to Character Design

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

FINAL MEETING and all work delivery..

For last our last course meeting..
 Please follow all instructions listed below.....

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Family - Option for Final Assignment

Due Dates- Tuesday May 8th- Silhouettes& Thumbnails Sketches
Tuesday May 15th- Roughs
Tuesday May-22 Final Color Due

Monday, April 23, 2018

Assignment #5 - Black Friday Shoppers ( Walmart Shoppers)

Assignment Guidelines:
Design a miniumim of 5 characters for Black Friday Shoppers at Wal Mart.
Every character needs to have a prop associated with them...and animals are also fine , as long as they are not larger than the key character.
(The goal is to be supportive of the key character design..)

Silhouettes and Rough Shape Studies- 


Other reference....

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Phils Spring Break Hours

Phil's Spring break Help and Make up Hours 
MONDAY  9am - 2 pm room 1015
TUESDAY 5 - 9pm room 1026

Assignment #4 Character Turn Around


Due Dates Tuesday 23 Critique on all Rough
Thursday Final Line

Pick a favorite character and start a character turn around. Start with Primary turns, then figure out the in-between poses.
-Do 2 sets-
-1st set is Orthographic front view, side view, and rear view with no depth at the feet or indication of perspective.
-2nd set is Perspective Turn Around  drawing with a Horizon Line in the middle or lower segment of the body ( waste to knees) displaying : how the feet turn in perspective, depth of overlapping shapes, and construction in perspective.

Your character needs to have legs, arms, and a head. Stay simple. Avoid complex characters and over detailed characters. Your just beginning, take it easy.

Start with trace lines, then draw the construction of shapes first. Detail is always last!! Always!!


Turn Around Basics

Perspective Turn Around

Here are samples of an orthographic turn around.
(Please note how the legs and parts of the body are not seen in a 3-dimensional perspective.)
1. Start with a center-line on your character.
2. Draw the horizontal trace lines on a separate layer.
3. Draw in the core basics shapes.
4. Add in line detail.
5. Add in secondary details for hair, outfit, etc.



What not to do!!

Good Samples in a perspective view,

Use simple shapes detail!!